By Amy O’Sullivan

I had to get back to work.

I had been treated for Covid-19. I went home to my wife Tiffany and our three girls. They took care of me as I recovered. I caught it treating the New York’s first Covid-19 patients, all of which ended up landing me on the cover of Time Magazine. But I didn’t treat that patient alone. All my co-workers worked together.

We were in uncharted territory, but we were going to do the job.

The first two days we were unsure. But after that we just had to get back to work. We didn’t talk about it or think about it, we just had to take care of the patients. They needed us.

We went through so many things. I remember one time we helped a woman get suited up in gowns and PPE in order to say goodbye to her husband. And that was one of the few patients that actually got to say goodbye to their family.”

“Those nurses that I work with and every other nurse in the emergency room all around the world, that’s what they all look like. They’re superheroes. You have to be special to be able to do this, and especially now…everybody is wearing capes, everybody is a superhero,”

– Nurse Amy O
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